White Jade Gua Sha
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White Jade Gua Sha

Smooth, brighten and sculpt with our luxurious facial massage tool. Honoring the traditional Chinese medicine practice of gua sha, this beautiful tool helps to stimulate your body’s natural detox flow, for skin that looks clear, radiant and uplifted.

Details: A traditionally lucky stone, moon white jade is also known for its healing, peaceful and protective properties. We choose this beautiful stone to help you begin your gua sha ritual and care for your skin and your spirit. Use this precisely carved tool to promote natural lymphatic drainage and achieve skin that looks clearer, brighter and more contoured. The ‘comb’ side works to boost blow flow for a radiant glow, while the curved edges are perfect for gently massaging facial contoursand reducing the look of puffiness. It’s a must-have for every natural beauty.

Start with clean skin, then prep with your favorite facial oil to help your tool glide smoothly. • Perform your gua sha ritual for 3-5 minutes a day for best results. Treat each side of your face separately and use light, gentle pressure. • Always make sure to check your tool for any chips or breakage before use.

White jade

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