Hand & Nail Brush

Hand & Nail Brush

This tool was designed for those who:

  • wear their nails long or have frequent gel manicures
  • love to get their hands dirty (ie. garden, crafts, paint etc.)
  • experience peeling and dry hands and cuticles 

A luxurious addition to your hand care ritual. Made with cellulose acetate derived from wood pulp, and soft natural boar bristles, the PAUME Hand & Nail Brush can be used as a rejuvenating dry brush, or for deep cleaning with soap and water, to keep your hands clean, smooth and glowing.

Dry Brush: Gently exfoliate your hands, remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture, and encourage blood flow to your hands. Wet Brush: Remove stubborn dirt and impurities from fingernails, cuticles, and nail beds.

Cellulose Acetate, Natural Boar Bristles

$ 32.00 CAD