Heal My Solar Plexus
Heal My Solar Plexus

Heal My Solar Plexus

Restore the balance in your body

The secret to well-being begins with a healthy tummy

Heal is our symbiotic booster formulated to foster healthy gut flora and get your body back on track. Our wellness supplement brings together two key ingredients: the first, bacillus coagulans, is a powerful spore-forming probiotic in a daily dose of 20 billion CFU aimed at replenishing the body’s microbiome to improve intestinal health and minimize bloating; the second is partially hydrolysed guar gum developed in Japan, a prebiotic derived from a legume that is a water soluble dietary fiber found to maintain proper digestion and microflora balance. Together, this robust prebiotic + probiotic blend of natural substances improves immunity and has a positive impact on creating a balanced microbiome.

60 caps

Partially hydrolysed guar gum, Bacillus Caogulans, vegetal capsule.

Take 2 pills in the morning before breakfast

$ 100.00 CAD