Ionic Copper Dry Brush
Ionic Copper Dry Brush
Ionic Copper Dry Brush
Ionic Copper Dry Brush
Ionic Copper Dry Brush
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Ionic Copper Dry Brush


Take your dry brushing ritual to the next level with our ion-charged copper bristles. Unlike regular dry brushing, the friction that is created between the copper bristles and your skin creates negative ions that protect the body from free radical damage and environmental stressors and counteracts digital technology.  The neutralizing ions increase the health benefits by:

  • Restoring electromagnetic balance in the body
  • Increasing circulation and collagen fibers
  • Encouraging cellular turnover and skin renewal
  • Helping the lymphatic flow work more effectively


"I've dry brushed for years, but not until I started using this copper dry brush did I notice a real difference in the quality of my skin texture, elasticity, and overall health." -Jesse Golden, TGS founder

Brush from limbs to heart on dry skin or add a few drops of Goddess Shaping Body Oil to amplify results. Brush in a clockwise motion on your stomach. Shower or bathe, then apply your favorite TGS body oil all over.

Affirmations to recite to enhance benefits: “My body is restored with renewed energy and peace, and my skin is smooth and luminous. I am golden.”

Our custom-made copper dry brush is designed for comfort and control. It is an FSC-certified sustainable beechwood base, vegan, biodegradable sisal fibers from agave cactus and natural copper wire bristles for more profound health benefits. Comes in a reusable cotton drawstring bag.

Care Instructions: Copper is naturally antibacterial so it will remain cleaner than ordinary dry brushes, but we still recommend that to get the most benefits and extend the life of your brush, you take good care of it.

1. You can simply take a dry towel to the bristles or tap the brush with the bristles facing down to remove any excess skin particles.

2. Fill a bowl with boiling water and dip the bristles into the bowl. Be mindful as you do not want to get the wood saturated as the water can weaken the wood. You can add liquid soap or a disinfectant essential oil like tea tree oil to the water if you like. Rinse with fresh water before laying to dry.

3. Lastly, lay the brush bristles down onto a towel until it completely dries. You can also lay it in the sun to speed up this process.

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