Magic Potion
Magic Potion

Magic Potion

Harness the beautifying magic of marine collagen and adaptogens.

Strengthen your hair, skin, and nails with every sip. Reverse the effects that age, sunlight, pollution, and diet have on your complexion with a collagen blend that is so illuminating, it’s almost magical. Magic Potion takes the wonders of marine collagen and enhances them with good-for-you extras that are grounded in ayurvedic medicine.

Harmoniously blended to protect and heal from the inside out, this magic little potion will upgrade your morning routine with adaptogens, fungi, and vegan protein, as well as exotic antioxidants and vitamins.

Get ready to radiate youthful magic.

250 g

Raw organic cacao, bovine collagen, organic pea protein, organic ashwagandha, organic haritaki, organic turmeric, erytrithol.

Blend one scoop with 250 ml of hot water or your favorite vegan milk to create a delicious hot chocolate that will give you a magical boost whenever you need it. Perfect for replacing your morning coffee, enjoying after a workout, or for battling that mid-afternoon slump.

$ 80.00 CAD