Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller
Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller

    Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller

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    A natural crystal face roller used to enrich your morning and evening beauty ritual.

    The Skin Gym Rose Quartz Roller has a large and small stone for easy, effortless movements all over the face. Crystal healing has been used for centuries to help create smooth, youthful-looking skin. By using regularly, this roller may help you maintain healthy blood circulation and skin tone, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, improve elasticity, and promote lymphatic drainage. It helps to boost your skin's natural collagen production, smoothing wrinkles, reducing under-eye circles, eliminating toxins and tightening pores.

    • This Roller is the first product within Skin Gym's line of Workout & Sculpt precious crystal beauty rollers.It’s a Skin-Care Tool That Will Cool, Tighten, and Depuff Your Face in Seconds
    • Hand-crafted from Rose Quartz
    • Provides many healing and anti-aging benefits.
    • Regular massaging with this roller will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Use it over masks and creams to increase product absorption.