Tea Matcha 10x15 g Ninja

    Tea Matcha 10x15 g Ninja

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    Matcha Ninja set out to create the BEST tasting Raw / Organic Matcha on the planet and their smooth (not bitter!), super soluble matcha may have achieved just that. Matcha Ninja leaves are specially selected tencha leaves that are de-stemmed and finely ground for a longer period than regular matcha to allow for superior solublility + tasting matcha. Their matcha is 100% organic, which is extremely important when one considers that with matcha you are actually ingesting the tea leaves as opposed to simply steeping and discarding them. When it comes to the highest-quality and best tasting matcha, Matcha Ninja delivers.

    Raw + Organic Ceremonial Grade Cold-Brew Matcha

    10 Sachet Box (15g total, 1.5g per sachet)

    - Increases energy

    - Boosts memory + concentration

    - Burns fat / Detoxifies

    - Combats the negative physiological effects of stress